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    Leaders Debates… The Right Direction?

    Posted by Gazbook on April 15, 2010

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    I’m looking with interest to the leader’s debates tonight. It is the first time the leaders of the 3 main political parties (Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats) have debated on live TV in the UK.

    However, I’m also looking at the whole event with caution.

    You only have to look over to our chums in the US-of-A to see a very different story to the one you see here. You get the impression that politics over there really has become a competition of performers, rather than would-be presidents. The party with the glitziest campaigns, the best-looking candidates and (obviously) the most money has a huge possibility in getting to the hearts of the nation and becoming elected.

    Sadly, I also understand this is how British politics is turning.

    Although I do believe it is an important step in trying to engage the country with politics. And while I look in horror at a House of Parliament that looks more like schoolboys trying to get one-over each other than actually caring about it’s constituents, you can certainly say it’s entertaining. Plus it will get the message out so people can see the policies and beliefs of the Liberal Democrat Party. The only party that wants to take power away and give it to the people when it comes to power.

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    Gary for Glebe Ward; Welcome!!

    Posted by Gazbook on April 15, 2010

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    Greetings and welcome to my new political and campaigns blog for Lincoln City Council’s Glebe Ward. Throughout the next few weeks (and beyond!!) I will blog about what I would like to change for the City Council, my views on present politics and give you a place to comment on my thoughts.

    As a quick starter, I have lived in Lincolnshire all my life and moved to Lincoln 4 years ago. I’m 22 and currently studying a humanities degree with Open University, and most of my employment focuses on Mental Health Service User representation in the NHS and national mental health charities. In particular, I am also a national advisor for two children’s mental health charities; YoungMinds ( and Right-Here (

    My main areas of interest are Mental Health and Education, as well as participation in politics.

    My main hope is to put in place ways for anyone in Lincoln to quickly put forward their ideas and opinions on decisions made by the council, by using the internet, newsletters and regular surgeries to keep in contact. I also will create regular opinion polls so that I can be accountable to the people who voted for me, rather than to a political party or ideology.

    I am standing forward as a Liberal Democrat as I feel they are the only party putting people, rather than politicians or millionaires, in power. I feel they are the only party that want to get in power so they can give it away, through a change of the voting system, a change in parliament and more local government.

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