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    Lib Dem members to decide coalition?

    Posted by Gazbook on April 25, 2010

    House of Lords

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    I should probably avoid speculation as to what happens after the election and focus my energies on getting as much support for the party. However, I would hope that, rather than make a decision on their own, the leaders of the Liberal Democrat party will hold a referendum to it’s members as to which party to side with and form a coalition government.

    Building up from that, I would also like to see the party encourage/enforce debate between Labour, The Conservatives, The Lib Dems and the smaller parties. The priority should of course be electoral reform. However, I would like to see an element based on hand-picking the best people for the job in terms of ministerial appointments, and explicitly encouraging a politics based on consensus rather than competition.

    How would we achieve this? I think the first part would be putting in place the single transferable vote and/or proportional representation, as well as making the House of Lords entirely elected. The second part would be to change the focus of this coalition term to cleaning up politics. Make explicit requirements for MPs to publish expenses, and to be accountable to constituents first if a certain number vote (either online or through petitions) against the putting in place of certain laws in Parliament. MPs should be accountable to constituents before their party whips.

    In my opinion, the final part would be a complete overhaul of the House of Lords into a House entirely elected by the public through proportional representation; I will detail in my next blog post tomorrow how such a system might work.

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    Round 2, Tomorrow Night

    Posted by Gazbook on April 21, 2010

    and in the interests of impartiality...

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    I have to say, I was absolutely amazed with how the debate went last week. Although in my heart of hearts I knew Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats had a message that was fresh and different to the two parties who have held a monopoly on our government for over 60 years, in all honesty I never expected him to be taken as seriously as the public had done.

    Now both the Conservatives and Labour are changing their battle plans, from appearing friendly to the yellow party to becoming more hostile and questioning. I think just for our party to actually be in a position where “Labservative” are analysing every detail is a huge achievement in itself, and shouldn’t be seen with caution as it shows for the first time in a very long time we are actually being taken seriously by the establishment.

    However, if Gordon and David are too hostile I believe it will show the cracks in going red and blue even more. Not only will it show that they can’t keep to one firm manifesto and campaign, but I believe the public will actually rally in support of the bullying of Nick. This is bearing in mind the viewing figures will be much lower for the next debate anyway, seeing as Sky News is not a terrestrial channel.

    As I type this message, the official “We got Rage Against the Machine to #1, we can get the Lib Dems into office!” page has gone from 0 members to 127,000 in 7 days. The Tories, with a Conservative fan page, are the next closest political Facebook Group with just over 50,000 members. I think this speaks volumes for how well the Liberal Democrats have done already.

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    Leaders Debates… The Right Direction?

    Posted by Gazbook on April 15, 2010

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    I’m looking with interest to the leader’s debates tonight. It is the first time the leaders of the 3 main political parties (Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats) have debated on live TV in the UK.

    However, I’m also looking at the whole event with caution.

    You only have to look over to our chums in the US-of-A to see a very different story to the one you see here. You get the impression that politics over there really has become a competition of performers, rather than would-be presidents. The party with the glitziest campaigns, the best-looking candidates and (obviously) the most money has a huge possibility in getting to the hearts of the nation and becoming elected.

    Sadly, I also understand this is how British politics is turning.

    Although I do believe it is an important step in trying to engage the country with politics. And while I look in horror at a House of Parliament that looks more like schoolboys trying to get one-over each other than actually caring about it’s constituents, you can certainly say it’s entertaining. Plus it will get the message out so people can see the policies and beliefs of the Liberal Democrat Party. The only party that wants to take power away and give it to the people when it comes to power.

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